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With over 25 years' of experience in property entrepreneurship and finance, we offer expert value through our intensive education programme on property as investment or as a business, we can also assist you to raise any type of finance for property related projects.

Our Services

We help our members and clients raise finance, protect their assets and gain maximum return on their investments. 

We are fully qualified and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the reference number 917667. We are also appointed representatives of Connect IFA Limited reference 441505; so, our members and clients trust us with our expertise and experience, to give them the most appropriate advice for their individual circumstances. 

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We are experts in property sourcing bringing lucrative property deal proposals excluisvely to our members first, before taking them to the open market. We often source property deals below market value, ensuring that our members benefit from an immediate return on their investment before going on to receive a greater return through either monthly rental or resale. 

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Whatever business you get into, partnering up with other people who are in the same field as you is going to be a great move for long term success. We encourage property entrepreneurs to surround themselves with people who are doing what they do, and doing it really well. Any experienced property entrepreneur will know the benefits of partnering up with another property entrepreneur. Two heads are always better than one and every property entrepreneur, whether experienced or inexperienced has something special to bring to the table. 

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What our members say...

The Empreso masterclass was the best thing I've done since deciding to go into property. I'm so grateful that I didn't just go ahead and start buying properties on the market to rent out. I probably would've been bankrupt by now! I've learned so much about what to avoid, how not to get into traps and how to maximise my return on investment.

Franz K. |
Empreso Masterclass JumpStart

The Empreso webinar was very eye-opening and it made me think more about my life, my future and how I am a slave to my job and there is a way I can work less and enjoy more free time through property.

I was also really impressed with the Empreso webinar because unlike other online seminars, Empreso shared information with me for free, that I would otherwise had to pay membership for. It was that that gave me the confidence in Empreso that they would be the right company to pursue my interest in property with.

Janice M. |
Empreso Webinar JumpStart

The accelerator jumpstart was the one thing that actually made me get up and do it. For years I've wanted to invest in property, because I knew it would give me financial stability, a pension and more free time. I just kept putting it to the back of my mind. Making that investment made me follow through and I'm so glad I did it.

Donald B. |
Empreso Accelerator JumpStart


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