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Our three phase JumpStart programme is designed to fully equip our members with the knowledge and skills they need to head on out in the world of property and begin their journey towards freedom through property. We do this with our flagship webinars, masterclasses and accelerator programmes. 

with the
Empreso Property Webinar

You begin your journey to becoming a property entrepreneur with us in the discovery phase of what the property entrepreneurship lifestyle is like. We bet that you've dreamed of making money through a property portfolio. Sadly, that is as far as it has gone and you are not alone.Our discovery process is delivered through various meanssuch as webinars, newsletters, podcasts and other mediums to help you figure out if the property entrepreneurship lifestyle is for you. It's not for everybody, no matter how attractive it seems.

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Empreso Property Masterclass

You have seen the light and you are serious. In this phase of your journey, we consider you to be committed. We strongly believe that a sustained period of immersion on the core concepts and principles is essential, alongside learning about various aspects of our own circumstances. At Empreso, we have developed a range of services and tools to help you make the best start. Our flagship Property Masterclass will blow your mind with powerful strategies delivered by experienced property entrepreneurs.

Find out more about THE LEARNING PHASE
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Empreso Property Accelerator

Once commitment has been well established and proven with mandatory attendance to our flagship Property Masterclass, you are ready to experience a determination to implement what you have learned all along. You will be assisted to master the knowledge acquired and apply it in a step-by-step process over a 12 week accelerator, similar to that used by the most successful startups. You will be guided to take plenty of action and get feedback within a peer group of like-minded property entrepreneurs. The Empreso Accelerator in the implementation phase is designed to spearhead your determination.


What our members say...

The Empreso masterclass was the best thing I've done since deciding to go into property. I'm so grateful that I didn't just go ahead and start buying properties on the market to rent out. I probably would've been bankrupt by now! I've learned so much about what to avoid, how not to get into traps and how to maximise my return on investment.

Franz K. |
Empreso Masterclass JumpStart

The Empreso webinar was very eye-opening and it made me think more about my life, my future and how I am a slave to my job and there is a way I can work less and enjoy more free time through property.

I was also really impressed with the Empreso webinar because unlike other online seminars, Empreso shared information with me for free, that I would otherwise had to pay membership for. It was that that gave me the confidence in Empreso that they would be the right company to pursue my interest in property with.

Janice M. |
Empreso Webinar JumpStart

The accelerator jumpstart was the one thing that actually made me get up and do it. For years I've wanted to invest in property, because I knew it would give me financial stability, a pension and more free time. I just kept putting it to the back of my mind. Making that investment made me follow through and I'm so glad I did it.

Donald B. |
Empreso Accelerator JumpStart
with the
Empreso Property Webinar

If you're new to Empreso, we host our property webinars every other Thursday. Check availability and join us so that you can DISCOVER what the life of a property entrepreneur is like, if it's for you and if you would like to continue your journey to LEARN with Empreso. 


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If you're new to Empreso, we'd like to invite you to join our Property Webinar so that you can find out more about what it's like to work with us and how our members achieve freedom through our JumpStart Programme. 

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