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Alain Mbe
Join our FREE Personalised Property Consultancy for an exclusive opportunity to gain tailored advice and insights into leveraging property for financial independence. This unique consultancy session is designed to provide you with the clarity and direction needed to use property as a powerful tool for achieving your financial goals, whether that's to retire early or continue working out of passion rather than necessity.

This personalised consultancy is led by Alain Mbe, who, after arriving in England at the age of 20, successfully built a portfolio of 32 properties by the age of 32. His guidance will speed up your property journey effectively, avoiding common pitfalls he encountered.

Don't miss this chance to transform your approach to property investment and take a significant step toward your financial independence.
What you'll learn...

Property Wealth

We begin by affirming why property entrepreneurship is a great choice for every day people, like you, to be able to exit the rat race and enjoy a good income for little time invested.

Freedom Through Property

We are all about enabling people, like you, to achieve freedom. We all want different things; but one thing is for sure and that is that we all want more freedom. More money, more time and more choice.

Property Portfolio Strategies

There are over 20 strategies to build a property portfolio and different strategies work for different people. We help you decide which one will work for you.


Alain Mbe


"The direction of your life is largely determined by the people you meet and the decisions you make afterwards. It is risk free to figure out if Freedom Through Property is for you and how we will help you JumpStart the journey to Freedom Through Property."

Our Story

We support property entrepreneurs by assisting ordinary folks in realising their freedom through property aspirations. We can help anybody who is committed to the idea that building a property portfolio is the vehicle to their own financial freedom, time freedom and choice freedom.

This was the idea of Alain Mbe, born in Cameroon, Africa, where his culture instilled in him from a young boy, that renting a property is a trap; and that one should aspire to own his or her own property rather than pay somebody else's rent. Alain took this idea further and discovered that through property, other people could not only pay his rent but give him a reliable source of income and eventually financial freedom.

Alain began his journey in UK property by moving to the UK at aged 20 and within 12 months, Alain had bought his first property. Enthused by his potential to keep learning and take the right steps to build a property portfolio, Alain continued to add an additional property for every year thereafter, taking his property portfolio to 10 properties at age 30.

During the following two years, Alain experienced a pinnacle moment where he realised the fundamental strategies to quickly and safely build a thriving property portfolio. This important moment enabled Alain to treble his property portfolio to 32 properties at age just 32.

Alain's property portfolio has enabled him to enjoy 10 years of early retirement, where he has enjoyed more time on his hands and more money, giving him ultimate freedom. This freedom has enabled Alain to travel to over 35 countries, complete marathons, qualify as an air pilot and importantly, be in a position to commit the time and money needed to put his children through the country's top schools. Prior to his early retirement, Alain enjoy 15 years out of what he calls 'The Rat Race', through his property business. 

In 2018, Alain decided to come out of early retirement and help others to achieve freedom through property. That is when Empreso was created. The strategies and fundamentals proposed by Empreso are born out of Alain's own authentic experience and knowledge that has paved the way to his success.


'Property is a game that almost anyone
can play to exit the rat race and grow
multiple sources of income through
building a solid property portfolio”

                                                                            - Alain Mbe